Bjoern Mueller Sound Engineer (federal exam sound technician)

BM Audio stands for Bjoern Mueller Audio.  I established the firm in 2003, as the Manager and Sole Proprietor.  I was born in Germany, Kirchheimteck in 1980, where I grew up in a very musical family, learning several instruments from a young age.  First, the trumpet and then the piano.  In my youth, I was able to develop my musical capacities through playing in different formations and with different bands.  In this time, however, I noticed my heart was beating more for the sound than the playing.  I laboriously saved my pocket money and purchased my first microphone, amplifier and a small mixing desk (Behringer – thank goodness).  I attempted to produce my first musical hits, but after several miserable attempts, realised I’d better first get some theoretical knowledge.

After successfully completing my studies at the TV Radio Electricians 2001, I continued with further studies at the Zepra (Centre for Professional Audio Technician).  Today it’s known as the TTS Sound Technician School .  Finally in 2005, I completed my full qualifications as a sound engineer.

2002-2010, I have worked as a professional sound engineer and technician at the Swiss Government Radio – DRS. Until this day I have been involved in hundreds of productions. Now i work for TPC (technology production center switzerland ag) I am a specialist for outside productions, radio dramas and plays.  I have much experience in musical productions, mixing live concerts (for DRS1, DRS3 and DRS Music Wave), in the transmission vehicles, as well as costly radio plays for example with Phillip Maloney on DRS3.

At the 2010 Salzburg Bull, I was the sound engineer responsible for the transmission to 10 different public radio stations.  I was also one of the first sound engineers for SR DRS to mix the live sound in stereo and surround simultaneously.  Thanks to the new convergence of SF, SR DRS and TPC, I was given the amazing opportunity to work as a sound engineer for the swiss television station.  However, I am always still very active with the radio.

2003-2005  I was the sound engineer for Trummer.  The singer-songwriter from Bern.  We had two tours (Nightlight and Anyways) and over 100 shows.  It was a fantastic time.

2004-2006  I was the sound engineer and Project Manager for the sound department,  for the modern gospel night in Basel.  It was a 100-member gospel choir, with two soloists and a five-piece band.  It was an awesome experience to mix this in the local church in Basel.

2005-2007  I was the Project Manager (audio, lighting & images) as well as FOH sound engineer for “The Gospel Experience” tour.  The gospel choir consisted of 100 singers and a 10 piece band.  The guest musicians and singers were Walter Belcher (USA), Tanya Blount (USA) and Black Tiger.  The venues were varied from theatres and clubs to townhalls, everything was covered.

Since 2006,  I’ve been employed  from the company Megatron Veranstaltungstechnik AG as sound engineer for the legendary ‘Art on Ice’ VIP parties.  With famous faces such as the Lisa Stansfield, Sugarbabes, David Garett, Ronan Keating, Kim Wild and many more.

2006-2010 The Jazz Festival, Laufenburg.  I was the sound engineer and Project Manager for the sound department.  It is a small but awesome jazz festival and is powered by lots of love and attention to detail.  There are countless amazing bands that have run through my fader and still continue to run.  Special highlights that I remember fondly are Othella Dallas and SARDA.

2006-2008 I was the FOH sound engineer for the national ‘Day of Prayer’.  This major event attracted up to 10,000 people.  Accordingly, the size of the sound system was designed.  I've done this for the Pro Sound Company.

Since 2007, I have been the sound engineer for ‘Nachtfieber’ (Nightfever) the late night show with international flair, held in Olten.  Special guests include Marc Sway, Caroline Chevin, Freda Goodlett, Michel Gammenthaler, Endo Anaconda (Stiller Has), Steff la Cheffe and many more.  The show runs with great commitment and courage and it is a great privilege for me to be involved.

Since 2010, I have been the sound engineer for the Nachtfieber Showband with Roman Wyss as the bandleader.  It is a special kind of band sometimes with the inclusion of high profile musicians.  For example Freda Goodlett, Andre Kunz, Andi Schnyder, Jorgos Mikirozis, Stephan Brunner, Lunus Hunkeler and many others.  On occasion the band also plays strings, violin, viola and cello, which gives the sound a highly emotional edge for an absolute goose bumps feeling.  It is such a privilege to work together.

2010/2011 i mixed the CD Production from Nicole Jo. She is Jazz Saxplayer from Germany and played with many international Musicans like Nils Landgren and Malcolm Braff.

2013 I had the honour to record and mix the first CD Production for the Swiss Army Big Band which was conducted by Johannes Walter.  Before Johannes Walter took over the Band Pepe Lienhard was the Big Bandleader and Conductor. With Pepe Lienhard i was many Years on Tour in Switzerland and Europe.

2014 was really intense year. Here some High lights:
Dani Felber Big Band Tour across Switzerland with international Top Cracks like Eric Marienthal, Brad Leali, Carmen Bradford, Chris Murrell and many more.
Baenz Friedli Live DVD Recording of "Sy no Frage" in Surround and Stereo was really nice Production.
An other Highlight was the Afro Pfingsten Festival where i was Recording and Mixing for the TV SSF (Schweizer Szene Fernsehen) with Acts like Earth Wind & Fire Experience, Kool & the Gang, Shaggy. Morcheeba and many more.
Also an interesting Production was the TV 
"Paul Stucki's Musik Stubete" where i was in charge for the Live Recording and Mixing for the New Broadcast Standard R128.

Since 2002, I have been the co-owner and operator of the recording studios KVV in niedergoesgen.  The studio is operated with lots of passion and enthusiasm.  The control room consists of a legendary Stagetec Cantus Console with Nexus System how has 64 Micpreamps. All this is powered by a Pro Tools HDX system.  Furthermore, the studio has a Bösendorfer grand piano among many other desired tools.

In between, I also work as a freelancer for various sound reinforcement companies such as M&M Hire AG, Megatronveranstaltungstechnik AG, Pro Sound, Habegger AG, Smartec and some more...